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Curriculum-Based Preschool Programs In America

When you send your child to one of our preschools, they’ll be in an engaging environment that will guide them through one of the most important phases of their early childhood.

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    Welcoming Environment

    To make sure that your child is happy while away from his or her home, we provide a safe, secure, and exciting environment that they’ll want to come back to every day.

    Financial Assistance

    Depending on where you live and when your child was born, you may be able to receive financial assistance via state assistance such as VPK in Florida or On My Way Pre-K in Indiana. We can help to see if you qualify.

    Preschool With Financial Assistance
    Infant daycare center child learning to walk.

    Proprietary Curriculum

    At Kid City USA, we provide our own early childhood education curriculum called Bee All You Can Bee. With this, your child will have an opportunity to gain the knowledge and guidance they need to prepare for kindergarten.

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    Affordable High-Quality EducationHome-Like EnvironmentCertified, Highly-Skilled Staff
    Professional Care Is Just A Call Away.
    Professional Care Is Just A Call Away.

    Our Preschool Locations

    We have preschool locations throughout America that are giving kids the ability to enter kindergarten with the experience they need.

    • Vetted, hand-selected employees

    • Comfortable conditions for kids to be in

    • Standardized curriculum to ensure equality

    After school daycare children playing on playground.

    What Makes Our Preschools Different

    One of the most important aspects of operating a successful preschool is the satisfaction of both parents and their children. This is why we strive to provide unrivaled services that meet the ever-growing expectations from parents.

    Compassionate Staff

    Our staff goes above and beyond to give an ample amount of attention and affection to each child that attends any of our preschool locations.

    Safe Surroundings

    At Kid City USA, our utmost priority is to provide a clean, kid-friendly surrounding that is enjoyable and safe for children of all ages.

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    Feel Confident With Us

    Kid City is committed to exceptional childcare and early childhood education in a homelike environment. Kid City is a place “Where Kids Can ‘BEE’ Kids”. We are committed to providing families with a safe, healthy, structured environment filled with love and encouragement. Our program works diligently to develop the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and character development of each individual child. We respect the uniqueness of each family’s customs and beliefs. Kid City does not discriminate against anyone (child or adult, staff or parent) based on sex, age, religion, natural origin, race, marital status, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. We practice an open-door policy and encourage parents to “bee” an active part in their children’s learning and development process.

    We pride ourselves on allowing children to grow and develop in a hands-on, literacy enriched environment. Use of TV or video is limited to educational purposes only with proper authorization. At Kid City USA, we use curriculum to promote the development of all stages in each child. Most of all, we provide our families with loving, trained caregivers who understand that all children develop differently.

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