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At Kid City USA – Austin daycare, we understand the dreams and aspirations you hold for your child. Let us take you on a journey through the world of childcare, where every decision is driven by the love and care we have for your children.

The Magic of Quality Childcare

Every parent’s dream is to see their child grow, learn, and thrive. Quality childcare is not just a service; it’s a doorway to a brighter future. The smiles, the laughter, the “aha” moments – these are the treasures you want your child to cherish. Our mission at Kid City USA – Austin is to make these dreams come true. We know that your child’s early years lay the foundation for their entire life. It’s where their character takes shape, their curiosity is nurtured, and their potential ignited.

Daycare and Preschool Options in Austin

Austin is a city filled with diverse childcare options, each offering a unique approach. In this bustling community, finding a daycare or preschool that suits your child’s needs and your values is paramount. It’s about more than convenience; it’s about setting your child up for success.

What to Look for in a Daycare Near Me

When you’re searching for a “daycare near me,” several factors should guide your decision. Location, safety, curriculum, staff qualifications, and facilities are key elements. Our Kid City USA – Austin center at 5616 McCarty Ln., Austin, TX 78749, located near the Oak Hill area on the east side of McCarty Lane and south of US 290, ticks all these boxes and then some. We’re not just a place to leave your child; we’re a home away from home, complete with certified teachers, an engaging curriculum, and top-notch safety protocols.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our Austin Daycare

Imagine a place where your child is excited to go every morning, where they make friends and discover the joy of learning. That’s what we offer at Kid City USA – Austin. Our parents can’t stop raving about the peace of mind they feel when they drop off their kids. We have seen countless children grow and thrive under our care, thanks to our passionate and experienced staff, who know just how to bring out the best in your child.

Center Director Sharlese Turner is dedicated to ensuring a nurturing and stimulating environment. You can contact her at 512-551-9448 or via email at for any inquiries or to schedule a visit. Our hours, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM, are designed to accommodate the needs of working parents.

The Advantages of Kid City USA Preschool

As your child grows, so do their needs. Our preschool program is designed to ensure a smooth transition to elementary school. We focus not only on academics but also on character development and social skills. It’s about building a strong foundation that will serve your child throughout their educational journey.

Making the Right Choice for Childcare

In your quest for the perfect “childcare near me,” remember this: it’s not just about finding a place for your child; it’s about finding a community that cares, nurtures, and believes in your child’s potential. We invite you to visit our center at 5616 McCarty Ln., Austin, TX 78749, located on the east side of McCarty Ln and south of US 290, speak with our staff, and see for yourself why we are the premier choice for parents in Austin, Texas.

At Kid City USA – Austin, our journey is a shared one. We understand the emotional investment you’re making in your child’s future. Choosing the right daycare or preschool is more than a practical decision; it’s a decision of the heart. It’s about giving your child the best start in life and embracing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

If you’re searching for a daycare or preschool near you in Austin, TX, look no further. Kid City USA is not just a place; it’s a promise. A promise to nurture, educate, and guide your child, with the same love and care that you provide at home.

Embrace the future with Kid City USA. Choose the best for your child, because they deserve nothing less.

Contact Information:
5616 McCarty Ln. Austin, TX 78749

Hours: Monday-Friday
6:00 AM to 6:30 PM

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