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Do you dream of starting your own preschool? 58% of parents rely on childcare centers to care for their children. If you love working with children then starting a preschool is a great way to combine your passion with your career.

So if you are wondering how to get started, there are a handful of different routes you can take as well as a number of resources available that you will definitely want to take advantage of. I will list some popular ones at the bottom of this post. This process, will not be easy but with the resources available, you will have your doors open in no time, ready to enroll!

This is often the time that the dream becomes a nightmare for some new owners, but luckily Kid City USA specializes in making sure that doesn’t happen! While this journey can bee so fulfilling and do so much good for the world, that is unfortunately overtaken by the stress of just owning any business; let alone one as serious as owning a preschool.  It is way more than just clean classrooms or meeting DCF standards, so we would recommend teaming up with an experienced organization that has been through the trials and tribulations, spend the money on the lessons & can prevent you from making the same mistakes which will allow you to enjoy this amazing career while knowing the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted.

Do you want to learn more about franchising a preschool? Here is our general guide to give you an idea of the steps you will take, no matter the different route you decide to explore.

Write a Business Plan

Before you can start making plans to open your new daycare, you’ll need to decide on a few things. Find a good business plan template and write a solid plan that includes all the finer details of your business. Franchisees have the added benefit of being a part of a successful, well-known brand.

This will help their business grow quicker than if they started on their own. Once you have decided on the finer details with your franchisor, you can sign the agreement and start your exciting journey!

Certification and Licenses

Each state has a specific list of requirements that must be met by new daycare providers. Check to see what you need to do to comply with your local authority regulations before you go any further with your plans. You may need specific training and credentials under your belt before you open your daycare franchise.

Kid City USA can provide support to franchisees during the setup stages to help meet legal requirements. You can find out information on your local requirements by calling the Department of Health and Human Services. Most states request that you complete a criminal background check before you get your license and pay the fees.

Find a Location

You’ll need to find a suitable building for your preschool franchise. Kid City USA will help you find the perfect location in your area that meets all the local regulations. You need to consider whether there is a demand for a daycare in the area you want to open your business.

Your location should have enough parking for parents with easy access from the city limits. You’ll also need to make sure you have the correct insurance for your business to operate. Having the correct insurance is important to protect your staff and children in the event of an accident.

Organize Financing

You’ll need to raise funds to cover the initial franchise fees before you can open your business. Funding is available through grants and bank loans if you don’t already have savings. Kid City USA can help support you with sourcing the right funding options for you.

Your business plan can give you a helpful insight into the costs you’ll need to cover to open and run your daycare. Speak to your local council to see if any grants or financial support are available for new childcare businesses. You’ll need to factor in any loans into your business plan so you can afford to keep up with payments and still make a profit.

Make sure you are clear on how much you need to raise before you go any further with your plans. You can speak to other franchisees in the Kids City USA community about how they financed their businesses.

Hiring and Training Staff

Your daycare center should be run by experienced, trained staff members. Take into consideration the size of your daycare and the number of staff members you will need to keep it running. All staff members should receive training and background checks before they start working for you.

As the director of the daycare, you must meet the educational requirements that are set out by your local authority. In many cases, you may not need a bachelor’s degree or formal education. However, you must have a manager that is appropriately qualified and skilled in childcare.

Kids City USA will help you find and train suitable staff members for your daycare center. You need to choose your staff members wisely if you want a good reputation with the parents in your area.

With a Kids City USA franchise, you won’t have to worry about creating a curriculum for your staff members to follow. Your childcare facility will have an exciting and engaging preschool curriculum that is ready for when you decide to open your doors.

Prepare to Open Your Daycare Franchise

Kids City USA will be there to support you through the entire process of opening your preschool franchise. From training staff to selecting colors for the walls – you’ll have the reassurance you need to create a successful, thriving daycare. As a final step, you should consider getting accreditation from the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

A NAEYC accredited daycare shows prospective parents that they have the highest quality practices and well-trained teaching staff.

Start Your Daycare with Kid City USA

Setting up a daycare franchise is simple and stress-free with Kid City USA. You’ll have all the resources and support you need to create a successful daycare franchise that will provide an amazing environment for children. By following this guide, you’ll have everything you need to set yourself on the course for success.

Are you excited to become one of the top childcare franchises in your area? Get in touch with Kid City USA today to learn more about how to start a daycare franchise. With a welcoming community of franchisees and a wealth of knowledge, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner!

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