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It is no secret that early childhood education is a vital part of any child’s growth. By the time children reach the age of 8, the majority of their brain has developed. The above fact is why it is important to ensure the children in your life get the best education possible.

Through the right preschool and teachers, your child can make the best of their developmental years.

If you’re a parent or future preschool investor hoping to learn more about what to look for in the top preschool franchises, you’re in luck. The signs of a worthwhile preschool are listed below.

Check for Clean and Safe Facilities

Your child’s safety and the safety of their peers are just as important as their education. When looking for the best preschool franchise in your area, visit the location and inspect the facilities. Check for cleanliness, childproof locks, cameras, secure play areas, and childsafe bathrooms.

While you’re touring the school, you should also try to meet your child’s potential teachers and examine their classrooms if possible. The best way to determine if the classroom is suitable for your child is by examining it when class is in session. If you can, look into the teacher’s room and look for signs of a child-friendly classroom.

Ask yourself, is the classroom designed to offer children different learning/skill-building opportunities? Is the room inviting and encouraging to children? Is the teacher good with children and excited to work with them?

Remember, if you feel safe inside the preschool’s facilities, there’s a good chance a child will too.

Ask For Honest Parental Reviews

Before dedicating yourself to a preschool, ask parents about their opinions toward the franchise. If you know a child who attends the school, seek them out. Ask their parents for guidance on teachers and school activities, and question the child about their in-class experiences.

Children tend to lack a filter, meaning their insights on the preschool are going to be honest. You can also search the preschool on the internet and read parental blogs or online reviews. Both resources will allow you to learn about any problem areas the school has.

If you hear a lot of mixed or poor reviews, you may want to reconsider your interest

Look at the School’s Curriculum

A preschool’s curriculum is often a reflection of the school itself. When touring the school or partaking in a parent-teacher conference, ask to review their curriculum. A good curriculum focuses on expanding a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

The curriculum should also encourage hands-on learning and age-appropriate activities. Teachers should have a plan for incorporating underdeveloped or struggling children in their lessons. In addition to all the above qualities, a suitable preschool curriculum should also work toward developing a student’s understanding of reading, writing, language, music, art, and simple math.

You want to offer children the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively. A good curriculum will set children up for this level of success.

Check Class Size

Small classes allow children to get the one-on-one attention they need to fully advance in their education. When teachers don’t have to face a large class, they can create a more intimate learning environment. Intimate environments help students become more comfortable with their teacher, giving students the confidence to ask for help.

Teachers can also focus on helping one student at a time, ensuring they fully understand the topic before moving on. In some situations, a small class is not possible. If this is the case, look for a good student/teacher ratio.

If there are enough teachers in the classroom to focus on individual students, their chances of success will be equally promising.

Look For Skill Building Opportunities

Not only do children need a secure curriculum, but they also need an opportunity to refine their life skills. The best daycare franchise will help children learn basic hygiene, make healthy food choices, refine their motor skills, and develop good communication. Children should also learn how to listen, wait for their turn before speaking, and have respect for others.

The skills children learn in preschool will stay with them as they mature into adulthood. It is your job to make sure they have every opportunity for success, starting with their schooling.

Check Teacher Qualifications

Behind every successful child is a qualified teacher cheering them on. When examining a school, ask the administration about the qualifications of your child’s teacher. The qualified teacher will have a degree in early childhood development and hold a teaching license.

Both of these qualifications ensure that the teacher is trained to educate your child, trusted to keep them safe, and prepared to handle their emotions in an age-appropriate way.

Some teachers display their licenses and degrees in their classrooms. If you come across them while evaluating their rooms, look them over and consider them a good sign.

Make Sure Fun Is a Priority

Playing outside and in the classroom is one of the main ways children learn to communicate on their own. The best franchises will have time set aside for children to do what they do best, play. During playtime, kids will discover how to create friendships, play nicely, and create fun memories in a controlled environment.

Playtime also allows kids to move their bodies and stay active throughout the day (especially when they can run outside). Prioritizing fun activities and recess is one of the best signs that a school is right for you and your family. If your child cannot let loose and have fun, their education will suffer.

Finding the Top Preschool Franchises

If you’re currently looking for the top preschool franchises in your area, consider our learning environment at Kid City USA. Our franchises offer a quality preschool education in addition to daycare and after-school services. We also offer financial help to eligible families.

Visit our website to learn more about our classes, learning opportunities, and locations, or contact us.

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